Forest License Plates!

Purchase an Idaho forest license plate and a portion of the fee will go to help reforestation and education projects in Idaho.

Forest plates are available throughout Idaho for a nominal additional fee of $35 the first year and $25 each following year. Personalized and sample plates are also available.
Your county assessor's office has the forms needed to order personalized or sample plates, you may also access the Idaho Transportation Department Web site and printout an application form for: Personalized Plates or Sample Plates.
Plates are available for your car, truck or motor home at the motor vehicle office in your neck of the woods..

Order your personalized timber license plate online by visiting and selecting the "timber" plate - or contact:
Idaho Transportation Department Special Plates Unit
P. O. Box 7129
Boise, Idaho 83707-1129
or call 208/334-8649.


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